OpenDocs Publishing announces Red Hat Linux: Security and Optimization

Open Docs Publishing has announced today that they plan to release their seventh book entitled "Red Hat Linux: Security and Optimization" in July of 2001. The title is the successor to our very popular Securing and Optimizing Linux: Red Hat Edition. The new edition takes into account the feedback we received on the original book. A suite of new authors and a refined purpose will make the new book even better.

UPDATE: this title has been delayed. Watch this site for future updates.

The new book takes a step up from the previous title and is a complete rewrite from scratch. We took into account the most often mentioned requests, notably; the slimming of topics covered and readability. Through the feedback received, we felt that although most readers enjoyed the book, they didn't extract everything they could have from the information. The new book has gained a new focus, removed many topics and added a deeper concentration to others.

The installation chapter has been greatly expanded . The chapter now covers RAID and optimized partitioning schemes in a more fluent and understandable manner. We are adding chapters on topics such as Network Intrusion Detection including the popular network security tool, SNORT. We also are greatly expanding our chapters on OpenSSH and security procedures. Other topics such as SQUID and Tripwire have been removed, while topics such as Firewalling with IPTables have been added. In all we feel that you will find this a very comprehensive book.

About Open Docs Publishing:

Open Docs is a publishing company specializing in technical books. They are a full service publishing company that offers authoring, editing, along with specialized programs that would allow companies to maintain their focus on development. Open Docs strives to maintain tight quality control to ensure that they publish only the best books. They take pride in the work that others find mind numbing; documentation.

Open Docs currently has three books in print. The third book, "Securing and Optimizing Linux; Red Hat Edition" is the number one selling book on and has been for six months. OpenDocs is currently preparing several other titles including "Getting Started with YellowDog Linux", "PostgreSQL: The Elephant never forgets" and "Python Programming: Taming the snake." If you would like to read more about Open Docs and their Open Source Documentation Fund you can visit their web site at