General Questions and Answers

Q. What are OpenSource books?

A. Similar to OpenSource Software, they are source available, freely distributable, but printed books.

Q. Are all of your books Open Source?

A. No. We will be releasing select titles under Open Source licenses. However, other titles that are not under an Open Source license will have online reviewable chapters.

Q. For the titles that are Open Source, where can I download them?

A. The Linux Documentation Project or the Linux Ports Portal.

Q. Why would I BUY a freely distributable, source available book?

A. Anyone who uses computers knows that nothing beats a book you can open on your desk to find the answers.

Q. How much are these books going to cost?

A. Of course the cost will vary but at this point it appears that the books will be priced in the range of 19.95 USD to 49.95 USD

Q. Why would I buy these books from OpenDocs, LLC. instead of some other vendor?

A. Two reasons:

* Our books are going to be much more up to date. We are going to print in limited quantities to allow reprint sooner for more up to date information.

* 5 to 20% of the gross profits will be going to select open source projects!

Q. Will you be hiring authors to write these books?

A. Yes. Please email if you are interested.

Q. What titles are the you are going to release?

A. Currently we are releasing 9 titles:

Q. When will the books be available?

A.Some are available now. Some are in process.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. If you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, return the item to us within 30 days with the original invoice. Provided it's in sellable condition, we'll refund your purchase price in full. That's it!

Q. What is your privacy policy?

A. We don't sell, rent or loan our customers' names, e-mail addresses or personal information to anyone. We take your trust very seriously, so the only messages you receive will be from us. This includes automatic order and shipping confirmation e-mails generated upon receipt of your order or occasional announcements from OpenDocs.