GUI Programming with PYTHON: NOW SHIPPING!

Yes, it is true, GUI Programming with Python is now shipping. Bookstores can purchase the book from Baker and Taylor. The ISBN is: 0-97003300-4-4 and the book carries a standard discount.

GUI Programming with Python: QT Edition

It has been a long road, but GUI programming with Python: QT Edition is in final copy-edit. The book can be read online and can also be pre-ordered.

Securing and Optimizing Linux: RedHat Edition

RedHatThis is a book on Securing and Optimizing the RedHat distribution of the Linux Operating System, from the initial install and compiling the kernel, to advanced Network Security and Back-up procedures.

Included with the book are 2 CDs: RedHat 6.2, and RedHat PowerTools 6.2, from Linux Central. The topics covered range from Installation to OpenSSH to Sendmail 8.10.1. Click here for an abbreviated list of topics it covers.

Developing Applications for Linux: KDE Edition

KDE EditionLearn to develop custom applications for KDE using KDevelop, the foremost Linux IDE for KDE Development. Includes Unofficial RedHat 6.1 and KDevelop 1.0! Plus up to 40% of the gross profits go back to the Kdevelop Project.

Administrating Linux: The Basics

Administrating LinuxThis book covers the basics of Linux administration from A - Z. Including installation, networking, email and internet connectivity. It also includes Unofficial Redhat 6.1.

PostgreSQL Book Update

The following is a brief update on the status of the book titled PostgreSQL: The Elephant Never Forgets. We have some great news and some, well not bad news but not good news. First, PostgreSQL: The Elephant Never Forgets has been renamed. The new title is Practical PostgreSQL. The new title is reflective of O'Reilly's decision to co-publish this book. Yes, that is correct. O'Reilly has decided that they would like to publish our PostgreSQL book. That is the great news.

Graphical Programming with Python: QT Edition

OpenDocs Publishing is now taking feedback on Graphical Programming with Python: QT Edition. You may view the book online as it develops. The book is being authored by: Boudewijn Rempt.

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PostgreSQL: Feedback and Preorders

PostgreSQL: The Elephant Never Forgets

The title will retail for 44.95 but you can pre-order it now for 34.95. At the request of some of our readers, we have put on-line the Preview Release One of the table of contents for our PostgreSQL book. We invite you to comment on these chapters to help us make a better text. Please remember that these chapters are not finished and we are now actively editing, as well as seeking feedback.

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iPhone applications

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DNS Problems

We had some DNS issues last week that may have caused some of our customers to be unable to contact us. We apologize for the problems.

Pre-Orders for PostgreSQL: The Elephant never forgets now being accepted

After over 3 months we are finally preparing for the release of our new PostgreSQL book.